I’ve spent one month in the beautiful city of Montreal. While I was attending a language school in the morning I had plenty of time to explore the city in the afternoon. So here are a few tips from me.


#1 Explore the street art in Montreal

Near Quartier Latin you can find a lot of awesome street art. You can spend a whole afternoon gazing at the beautiful creations those artists created. I posted some pictures of my favourites below.

#2 Enjoy a cheesy calorie bomb

Do you like fries, cheese and brown gravy? Why not combine all this together and have an awesome poutine. You can find the best poutine in a restaurant called La Banquise. They are specialized in making those delicious meals. If you want to spice it up a little bit add some beacon. They have tons of different recipes so you could eat there everyday ;-). During lunch and dinner time the place is very crowded so I would recommend going there at around 2pm, so you are definitely hungry.


#3 Night out in an apartment

If you are looking for a chill night out, apartment 200 is the place to be. I really like the atmosphere there, the staff is friendly, they have a good variety of drinks, some billard tables and a few couches to relax. There is either live music or a DJ.





So that was my first post, I hope you enjoyed it. If you have anything to add about Montreal, feel free to write a comment.